Peptide Therapy

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Achieve your health goals and maintain them with our powerful ready-to-use therapeutic peptide combination protocols.
What Are Therapeutic Peptides?
Peptides are small proteins or snippets of proteins. Each of them work uniquely to signal for specific cellular or physiological processes, rather than to get broken down into amino acids.
To date, scientists have discovered over 7,000 peptides in nature, many of them naturally occurring in humans. In your body, these peptides orchestrate numerous processes, such as:

  • Hormone production and signaling
  • Communications between cells
  • Wound and tissue healing and regeneration
  • Immune functions
  • Metabolic functions
  • Brain and neurological functions
  • Physical and cognitive performance
  • Reproduction and sexual health
  • Anti-aging processes, such as autophagy and Sirtuin pathways
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Anabolic processes such as muscle building
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm

Therapeutic peptides are made in the lab to function like natural peptides do in your body. They may be identical to the natural version or chemically improved to make them safer or more effective.
Because your body naturally recognizes and works with peptides, they are safe and deliver powerful clinical results when taken at the right dosages, combination, and timing. Depending on your health goals and type of peptides, they may work best orally, intravenously, or through subcutaneous injections. Most therapeutic peptides are administered through subcutaneous injections.

Peptide Therapy.

Why Choose Peptide Therapy?

Peptides are bio-identical small proteins that can deliver potent clinical outcomes if ALL the
following critical factors are in place. These are especially important if you’re looking to
maximize health and performance or to achieve a health breakthrough.
It can take a great deal of clinical expertise to design the right personalized peptide protocols for the right health goals. Our therapeutic peptide protocols are developed and based on a deep
understanding of human physiology and 20+ years of clinical experience in performance
The right dosage cycling and tapering
Without cycling or tapering, your body can get accustomed to the effects of the peptides, so the benefits diminish over time. We build in variability in peptide uses and dosages to maximize the health benefits you get for the money you pay.
Since you’re injecting these peptides into your body, you want to ensure that they’re free of
dangerous contaminants. The more popular a health product category becomes, the more
vendors emerge that don’t follow the highest standards, and products may contain unhealthy
ingredients or contaminants. Peptides are no exception, especially if you’re purchasing them as research chemicals that can legally contain harmful substances.
For peptides to work, your products have to have the same potency as indicated on the label. Peptides are more fragile molecules that break down more easily with the wrong handling
protocols and heat exposure. So, without careful quality control, you can easily lose potency. In addition to third-party testing, we ship our peptide products overnight on ice to ensure that it
reaches you at full potency. Our peptides come from a cGMP-certified pharmaceutical producer who follows the highest manufacturing standards.
We’re experts in synergistic stacks, both from research and having worked with thousands of
patients. Many peptides work better or produce longer-lasting results once you provide
additional nutrients as building blocks or cofactors. In many of our therapeutic peptide protocols, we add these additional cofactors to boost the peptides ‘effectiveness. We also often
recommend nutrient IV therapy to maximize the effectiveness of your protocol.
Since most peptide products are available as research chemicals, you’d typically have to calculate the right amounts of water to add and volume to inject in order to get the right dosages. Then, you’ll also have to load the needles with minimal air bubbles.
All of these become even more complicated and cumbersome if you’re using multiple peptides, or if you need multiple injections throughout the day.
Our peptides come in 30-day supplies premixed and loaded in insulin needles ready for injections, so you can skip all the cumbersome steps and be confident you’re getting the right doses.


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Caffeine Addiction

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