What is UV Light Therapy with Ozone Therapy (O3UV)?

The components of this therapy work together to bring the benefits of both ozone therapy and ultraviolet therapy into one treatment. The use of ​​ozone in blood makes an oxidative stress causing the body to respond and heal, and UV light adds an additional level of antibacterial and antiviral power to the red blood cells causing a healing cascade to occur.

Many people know and understand that sunlight or UV light kills bacteria, viruses and more. UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) or the process of using UV light in O3UV Therapy, does the same to our blood while at the same time stimulating our immune system which can help destroy any and all pathogens. In so doing, light therapy “cleans and freshens” a person from the inside out.

Who Benefits from O3UV Therapy?

This treatment can be very beneficial for a variety of wide-ranging conditions. Due to the broad spectrum of benefits that this treatment can have, this treatment program can resolve many different issues and symptoms at once. Whether you are suffering from allergies, depression, an autoimmune disease or cancer, this treatment can have a positive impact on how you feel and recover. It is shown that 70-80% of those with chronic disorders say they were significantly helped with 5 or more treatments.


Ozone Therapy (o3uv)
Ozone Therapy (o3uv)

What are the Benefits of O3UV Therapy? 

Since this therapy combines the effects of both ozone and UV treatments, there is a wide variety of benefits that a patient can experience during their treatment. One of the main benefits of this treatment is the immune system activation acquired from the UV light stimulation of the patient’s blood. Add to that the oxygenation of the patient’s blood through Ozone therapy, and it can increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and provide healing properties to joint pain, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular issues, infection and more.

What Can I Expect?

When you walk into IntegraVita Wellness, you can expect premier customer service in a safe and clean environment. Once we confirm that you are a good candidate for this therapy, we will then set up a treatment plan that is specific to you. With O3UV Therapy, we first draw a small amount of blood which is then mixed with a bag of saline. Ozone is also added to this mixture and then passed through a UV light before being reintroduced to your body through an IV. This is a time-tested therapy that has been used for over 75 years and is considered by many medical professionals to be safer than taking an aspirin. The most common side effect is pain at the IV insertion site.  The benefits, prolonged relief from your chronic ailments and symptoms.

UV Light Therapy can also be added to saline IVs and high-dose Vitamin C IVs as well. 

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