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Restoring what’s yours on a cellular level.

IntegraVita Wellness – Pain Management


That numbness, burning, tingling pain is brutal. We have a treatment that can help.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is impossible to live with. It can be long lasting and debilitating.


Treat your diabetic wounds and ulcers in the right way.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by an underlying condition

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Welcome to IntegraVita 

Welcome to IntegraVita, located in Bluffton, SC. About 56 Million Americans today suffer from the effects of chronic pain. That’s about 20% of all the adults in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise!

What’s unfortunate for most chronic pain sufferers is that their pain
could be relieved but they pass from one provider to the next finding no
answers and no relief.

We want IntegraVita to be the last stop in relieving your chronic pain and reviving your quality of life. We offer state of the art medical treatments for your pain that are safe, non-surgical and ARE covered by most health insurances!

Functional Medicine At Its Finest

The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.

By addressing root cause, rather than symptoms, practitioners become oriented to identifying the complexity of disease. They may find one condition has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different conditions. As a result, functional medicine treatment targets the specific manifestations of disease in each individual.

Dr Morris On Carolina Women

Alternative to Knee Surgery

Avoid painful and lengthy rehabilitation.

Avoid Drug Dependence

Let Regenerative Medicine keep addictive opioids out of your life.

Proven Results

Not just treating the symptoms, but getting to the root of the problem.

Low Risk

Minimal side effects include a very low risk of infection, pain, and recovery time.

IntegraVita Healthcare

The mission of IntegraVita is to support patients in reducing
chronic joint, muscle or nerve pain with natural, non-invasive, and non-
addictive techniques. Our state of the art techniques and technology are
FDA cleared and approved by most major medical insurers.
It does not matter whether your pain was brought on by an underlying
medical condition, arthritis, failed surgery, or an old injury. Our
experienced and friendly staff is committed to helping patients that have not been able to find help anywhere else!

Why Our Approach Is Different

IntegraVita Wellness is the culmination of 70+ years of healthcare
experience in working with regenerative medicine, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, pain injections for spine and chronic pain patients.

At IntegraVita Wellness we have put all of our
clinical experience into developing our three-tiered approach to chronic
pain. We utilize the latest examination procedures to objectively
identify your sources of pain, while also being able to objectively
measure your progress. Our clinic also offers the best in medical and
alternative treatments (in one location) meaning that our patients have
more options for treatment. Our team will work with you to develop a
treatment plan that is tailored for you.

Make today be the day that you change your life and your health.
Schedule a free consultation today with our team so that we can get a
better understanding of your individual needs. We will work with you
one on one to help you overcome the pain you are experiencing!

A New Approach


We offer alternatives to invasive treatments for chronic pain. Utilizing cell-signaling technology, viscosupplementation, and amnyo fluid (protease inhibitor injections) we can help reduce pain significantly and speed up the recovery process as well as stimulate damaged cells throughout the body to heal and regenerate. The goal is to relieve pain through healing and regeneration of damaged nerves and joints. Our treatments provide lasting results without the risks or side effects of surgery and other aggressive forms of treatment.

  1. Less invasive
  2. Very low risk of side effects
  3. Lasting results
Integravita Wellness Dr Bradley Morris.
Integravita Wellness Dr Bradley Morris.
Integravita Wellness Dr Bradley Morris.
Integravita Wellness Dr Bradley Morris.
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